June 24, 2015


The house doesn’t look like it yet, but I actually accomplished two of my goals.

And…then I collapsed once again. This is getting to be a really bad habit. No time for any of that today, with guests coming tomorrow. Mom is really looking forward to the visit. She doesn’t care who’s coming, only that they are. She will like them, though. My sister-in-law was a nurse as well, and she will keep up a lively conversation. Just what Mom needs, after a week of somnolent housemates. This morning will of course be busy with radio check-ins, and then I do need to buckle down and get some phone calls out of the way. This afternoon I will concentrate on laundry, picking up, fluffing, and finally, vacuum. Which all depends on how hot it is, and how functional am. Lately, that hasn’t been much. It’s going to get very hot over the next few days, in a heat wave that is blanketing the West. Temperatures in Nevada and Arizona will be at record-breaking levels. It’s a dry heat, true, but so is an oven. And breezes don’t cool you off, they just feel like industrial size blow dryers. The projections are for a warmer than normal winter again, too. El Nino just seems to have parked off the West coast. The wildfires in California present another problem. In drought conditions, can they really afford to fight big fires?

I’m not getting any peace this morning. Nicci has decided to claim her share of the morning love, and came in after the last foray into the danger zone for coffee. Einstein thinks of her as a challenge, and while he doesn’t chase Theo anymore, Nicci continues to run from him. Einstein considers that play, and so it’s all he wants to do when she’s around. Once she learns to hold her ground, she’ll be fine. And as long as they’re not going to allow me to write, I believe I’ll just go back to bed.


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