My name is Jenn. I live on a small island in the Puget Sound, a hidden paradise in the Pacific Northwest. I am an artist, activist, environmentalist, writer, and caregiver for my mother, Della, who is stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. We live here with my husband, Kevin, our two cats Thelonius Monster (Theo) and Nycteris (Nicci),our cockatiel, Opus, and our newest addition, a mutt puppy named Einstein. (Einie).  We like to say here that we live in “A tiny Island nation slightly off the coast of America-where the living is easy, the water is sweet, and all the beaches are clothing optional.” And we have the t-shirts to prove it. My mom was diagnosed a year ago with Alzheimer’s, and I have moved her back home with us to care for her. I have a dozen years of experience working with the elderly, particularly with dementia, and five years background in Hospice. Even with my skills, full time care is a challenge. Join us as, day by day, I chronicle our journey together. It is my hope that others may learn from our experience, and I may learn from you.


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