June 22, 2016

As I made coffee this morning, I was greeted by the sight of a doe peacefully grazing.

She was feeding out back, and I tried not to alert the dogs to her presence. I love to watch these gentle creatures move through the yard, and I miss the mamas bringing out the new crop of Bambi’s. Most critters avoid our clearing these days, with two eager dogs in residence. It’s been a really busy week, and I haven’t had many opportunities to write. I feel that muscle beginning to atrophy like all the others I haven’t been using. I really need to exercise my writing muscles more often, but it’s been difficult. Getting up at four am is harder than before, since I’ve started trying to stay up longer with my hubby. Trips to the VA in Seattle are always a whole day affair, even though the appointments themselves are only fifteen or twenty minutes. Monday was one of those. We left at ten, barely making the eleven-thirty ferry. Traffic in Seattle was, well, traffic in Seattle. We got to the VA hospital only five minutes late for a twelve-thirty appointment, and were lucky to get back to the ferry terminal just as they were loading the boat. We stopped long enough to devour a burger at Sonic, and made it home ten minutes before the caregiver was due to leave, at five-thirty. It’s the price we pay for living on an island instead of the city, and it’s worth it.

I spent yesterday turning the master suite from a pile of laundry and chewed up blankets into a bedroom and bath, with a bed and a floor, and other surfaces that I haven’t seen for some time. It looks three times as large and open. Our space is the last in the house to get clean, and my laundry the last to get done. I celebrated the accomplishment by taking a bath in our large tub. That doesn’t happen very often, because it’s a real pain in the ass to fill it. The water only comes out in a trickle in our bath, and has to be supplemented by pots of water heated up on the stove. But it’s a large tub compared to the one in Moms bath. I love to lay back with the window open and gaze at the cedar in back. Hot water and a cool breeze are a wonderful combination. If it had been dark, I would have lit the dozen or so candles placed around the tub. I slowly relaxed until the sweat on my brow ran faster than the breeze could cool it. After a bath like that, I find bed to be the next logical step, if only because my rubbery legs won’t get me very far. I lay down and was almost immediately bracketed by furry warmth as the dogs settled in with me. I can’t imagine a more welcoming way to fall asleep. Problem is, that when I have a restless night from the pain, it’s hard to adjust my position around all the blanket stealing dogs.

Authors’ note

And here, reader, is where the day overcame me…













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